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Picking Up Disabled Aircraft In 1952

This is new. Bill Wass ( waasbill@bellsouth.net )has sent some picture taken in 1952. As follows: "Actually a USN, amphibious operation, LST-516. we were assigned the duty of moving the aircraft back south, to Inchon.

Bill also adds the following:

http://www.history.navy.mil/books/field/ch12a.htm "Despite the fact that all islands north of 38° were conceded by the U.N. negotiators on 21 December, failing an armistice agreement the defensive requirement remained. On 6 January responsibility for the overall defense, local ground defense included, of designated islands on both coasts, was assigned the Navy and delegated to CTF 95. So far as east coast islands were concerned only Nan Do, off the bombline, had not previously been a naval responsibility; in the west, however, Sok To and Cho Do in the Chinnampo approaches, Taechong Do in the Sir James Hall group, and Taeyongpyong Do south of Haeju were added to the list.

On the 9th an Army-Navy-Air Force island defense conference was held aboard Wisconsin, following which the West Coast Island Defense Element was organized with a U.S. Marine officer in command, with headquarters on Paengnyong Do, and with two battalions of ROK Marines distributed among critical islands.

Already the LSTs of Task Force 90, which had brought the defenders in, had begun to evacuate refugees: by 22 December about 9,000 had been lifted out and by late January some 20,000 had been transported south to Kunsan. Constant patrolling of the threatened areas was undertaken, and an LST with armed small boats was provided for inshore work.

In mid- January, in an effort to suppress the artillery effort against Cho Do and Sok To, CTF 95 went north in Rochester to bombard the Amgak peninsula in coordination with a Marine air strike from Badoeng Strait. By early February the enemy had retired from a number of the captured islets in Haeju Man and off the Ongjin peninsula, in part apparently owing to bombardment by rocket ships, in part to inability to support his forces. By March these islets were being reoccupied by anti-Communist partisans and a number of enemy efforts to attack across the mud flats had been thrown back by naval gunfire."

AC Pickup PYdo 52 13
AC Pickup PYdo 52 14
AC Pickup PYdo 52 15
AC Pickup PYdo 52 16
AC Pickup PYdo 52 arrival in Inchon 17

The Following are from Cho-do, also about 1952. Cho-do is about 75 miles north of P-Y-do.

1952 AC Pickup 1
Cho Do Island 52 4
Cho Do Island 52 5
Cho Do Island 52 4
Cho Do Island 52 7
Cho Do Island 52 8
Cho Do Island 52 9
Cho Do Island 52 10

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