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Joseph Marchetti

My name is Joe Marchetti and while screwing around this weekend I came across the web site. Needless to say I enjoyed reading the short bios and looking at the pictures.

But none as much as the picture of Jack Kunkle in the yellow shirt. That’s because I was shocked to see that I am the one sitting next to him getting ready to pass out after being initiated and drinking the green whatever (or trying to spill as much as possible down my shirt).

I don’t have much time now to chat but here is a roster of personnel as of 19 Jan ’70. E-6 was John Kovalick, E-4’s were Frank Adams, Wm Biggs, Bruce Brumbaugh, Rocco Campagna, Tom Dickson, Marc Greenj, Doug Kaiser, Jack Kunkle, Rich Lewis, Joe Marchetti, Wm Martin, Anthony Pekovitch and Dave Schildknecht.

I don’t remember when we actually left the island but it had to be before July of ’70 because that’s when I went TDY back to Viet Nam for a couple of months. I will put a little military bio together and get back to you.

My email is jmarchetti@wowway.com and I live in Clinton Township, MI which is north of Detroit.

Marchetti and Kunkle 

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