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Gus Blazek

 I served in the 326th from Oct 53 to Feb 55 in the radio repair section. During that time I made several trips to the charming island. Your pictures of the guys brings back memories. I remember Powell and Beasley. One of my favorite memories was a soft ball game against the AF 6922nd on the beach in the summer of 54'. I'm the guy who hit the grand slam off there top pitcher in the latter part of the game to bring Able Site a victory.

I was a big deal that day.

My first job as a civilian was as a field engineer working for a company that had a contract with Air Force Security Service. Would you believe that one of the places that they sent me TDY in 56' was to their 6922nd detachment on P Y Do. I spent several more weeks on the island working on their DF equipment


Gus Blazek Gblazek@bcpowersys.com

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