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James T. Anderson

Dave: I was supprised and very pleased to hear from someone That was with me on P-Y do. Yes, I was there. I went up there the last of February 1955 and left some time around the first of July. I certainly remember you and have a couple of newsletters somewhere in my archives that you wrote as the editor of the weekly. It has been a couple of years since I saw them but will have to look them up again. The younger (or mabe I should say the older Photo) is the way I remember you.

As an update of what has happened to me since then, which you may or may not be interested will follow. I left there and went back to HQ ASAPAC and was assigned to 8610 in Kyoto and stayed there for nine months and volunteered to go to Camp Hakata with the then 7202 AAU and the 14th Fld Stn. I was there for about 18 mounths and got married to a Japanese girl and after 47 years are still do OK. That ended my ASA career. I did remain in the Army until 1 Nov 1979 when I retireed with a little over 30 years.

Worked a few civilian Jobs and finally hung it all up in 1986. I still remember some of the guys that were there but have had no contact with any of them. Some of them were: James S Sweetland from Painted Post, New York; James B Waggoner from somewhere in South Carolina; Victor C. Weil from Otis Orchards, Washington; Seems that the Maintenance person was named Milner don't know where he was from; Lt Botkins from Winter Haven, Florida are some that come to mind.

Ever now and then when I start recalling old time I remember other. I did make another trip to Korea in 1959-1960 and was assigned to AFKN in Seoul as a Maintenance Man (Their title was Engineer}. I did put up a couple of stations and maintained several more until they made me ncoic of the Seoul Transmitter site. Managed to make it to Turkey, Viet Nam, Panama, Germany.

I do have a few old pictures from P-Y do but will have to dig them out. I have been into computers in addition to Ham Radio and have been meaning to archive all my photos, Good and Bad, on CD. It looks like time may be catching up with me but will still work at it. I am no in Pensacola, Florida About 100 miles from whre I grew up and about 80 miles from the High School that I attended and Graduated from in 1949.

Enough of this I hope that you will stay in contact and was glad to hear from you. There is some other ASA Organizations that I have some web addresses if you are interested. I belong to the Chitose ASA Association. I was assigned to it fore runner when I arrived in Tokyo in 1950 but never made up there until they became the 8612 AAU and later 12 Fld Station. Take care and Best

Wishes Andy


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