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Leroy Wood

Robert Schneider (on the left) and Leroy Wood (on the right

Leroy Wood is alive and well. This was sent by his son Bob. They are converting his slides to digital format, and will forward some at a later date. Anyone wishing to contact Leroy can use this eMail address.


Here is a later msg from LeRoy and family.

Thanks to "Goldy" I found our Paeng Yang Do site. Great! Fifty years is a long time. Look at Dave Johnson. I'm still around. Forty nine years with Jeanne, eight children and nineteen grandchildren. I'm retired and have had many operations but I'm doing fine. Great to see "Jewls". Still have copies of my daily newspaper from the island and get many laughs from what took place each day. Very sorry to hear of Chuck Wedde's passing. Hope others are doing well. Best regards to all.

Woody (Leroy Wood)

Lee has yet to become Mr. Computer. I'm sending this from my computer at school. You can E-Mail Lee at


or on our son's E-Mail previously noted on your website. God bless.


Schneider and Leroy Wood on PYdo
Wood 1 on PYdo 
Wood 2 on PYdo
Wood 3 on PYdo
Wood 4 on PYdo
Wood 5 on PYdo
Wood 6 on PYdo
Wood 7 on PYdo
Wood 8 on PYdo
Wood 9 on PYdo
Wood 10 on PYdo
Wood 11 on PYdo
Wood 12 on PYdo
Wood 13 on PYdo

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