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Duane Hall

Thanks for your e-mail about P-Y-Do, I escaped the Island when > the 326th gave it up to I believe the 330th I am not sure. Anyway I was in Korea from September 1953 until march 1955, and then back to Devins, I am not sure of the dates I was there on P-Y-Do Because I worked most of the 326ths sites.

I was there when we treated 2 ROK soldiers for wounds and I think it was about the time of the prisoner exchang or right after it. I was on the marine core site when we had the prisoner exchange and as I remember it I was assigned to the site after that. I was only there for about three or four monts when the other company took over.

Only two of us wint back to the 326th along with part of our equipment. We had two vans loaded on a LST to go back to Inchon. The LST was maned by a Japanese Crew and we were the only two G.I. on it  None of the Japanese could speak English and we could not speak Japanese so we had some kind of a trip. Well first, as we left the beach we ramed the British Crusier anchored there in the harbor, wich tore a gaping hole in the starbord side of the LST. It did not go all the way to the water line so they placed tarp over the hole and we preceded on to Inchon, Got fogged in and no radar so we stayed anchored some where between P-Y-Do and Inchon there in the Yellow sea, for three days and night just blowing the fog horn.. We only had two cases of C-Rations but we had three cases of hot beer so we ate the fruit out of the rations and drank the beer for three days, boy what a trip ./ we gave the rest of the rations to the crew and everything was great.

Finaly back at 326th was assigned to another site.

Like to hear more from you about the Island,only their for three mts. don't remember alot or the personel

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