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Jim Macri

My name is Jim Macri, I was attached to the 177th ASA Bn at Camp Humphreys and was sent to the rock in the autumn of 1963 I believe. I remember quite vividly that I was on duty at the site when I received word of President Kennedy being killed in Texas. We were put on alert for quite awhile after that incident. I also remember being crushed under a falling phone pole we were erecting to take the place of one that had been cut down by Spies or maybe a fisherman looking for a mast for his boat. I was flown off the island on a C47 by The Airforce who made an energency landing to pick me up. The stars and stripes carried the story under the headline." Rescue beats the Sea" I returned to the island about a month later, on lite duty, but still went to work on my shift.

We had a Sgt Johnson as site cheif at the time. I returned to the 177th in the spring of 64, then flew back to Ft Devens. I stopped off in Fairbanks Alaska just 5 days after the big earthquake and got a chance to look over the damage. I Spent the next year as an instructor (054.18) at Devens working for a Major Pins, A Master SGT Bill Twombley, A SGT Arleigh Johnson, and a Sgt Donald Bjorklund. I haven't been able to track down any of them as yet.

I am attaching a pic of me taken in Korea. I am attaching a pic of me with my 17 year old daughter taken last spring in 2003 as the now pic.

Jim Macri

Macri on PYdo

Macri now

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