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Frank (Goldie) Goldberg

My first trip to the island was in August of '54 filling in for someone for whatever reason. The second time, 'Rocky' Minton and I escorted supplies and equipment via LST arriving in November '54. My tour of duty ended in May '55 and I returned to Fort Devens assigned as an equipment instructor until being separated from the service in January '56.

Over the years, I have been in contact with 'Chuck' Wedde and Leroy Wood. Please include my email address. Would be happy to hear from friends of the past.


Frank Goldberg

Goldberg PYdo 1Goldberg 2 on PYdo 
Goldberg 3 on PYdo
Goldberg 4 on PYdo
Goldberg 5 on PYdo
Goldberg 6 on PYdo
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