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Jack Kunkle

fort dix basic
fort devens school
camp humphries korea
paeng yong do island
hakata japan
discharged february 22 1972
Traveled first to p y do as a courier, was held over on the island after landing on the low tide beach aboard a C47 tail dragger amid scrapped fuselage of a rok c46> (as the story went the rok pilot committed suicide) Was reassigned to the island soon after. The initiation of 12 shots of whatever the bartender could find and the thirteenth creme de mint. As my alcohol poisoned brain stores it, the green weenie, although I have heard others refer to it as green beenie?

Was there when the north korean threat to take the island played out. Then the many high ranking visitors, and finally the either lcu s or lst s beached at high tide we loaded the det on board, leaving the duce and a half for catholic priest father moffit and plowed through the incredible fog south to inchon(?)
its me in the yellow shirt

eMail for Jack Kunkle is csc90210@hotmail.com

 Kunkle PYdo

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